Thomas (20592-PE)
"This is the second time I've used this company and will continue to use them for my transport needs. I ship my car ever 6 months and would recommend using them. Keep up the good work!!!"
Brendon Wood (3662-XU)
"They are a great company and were very knowledgeable. I have used them a couple times and will use no one else. My car was picked up on time and delivered on time. They were very nice and seemed to care about my co.concerns."
Delarius (7587-YN)
"I arranged for my vehicle to be transported using Auto Transport Solutions and they were first class the entire time. I booked my transport 2 months in advance and received an excellent quote. Customer service was good from start to finish and Auto Transport Solutions always addressed my questions and kept me informed on how the auto transport business works. The carrier arrived on the first day available which was 5 days sooner than what I needed. The total transport time took 5 days which was about 2 days longer than expected but it was due to a tire blow out on the carrier and the driver kept me informed the whole time so that was not an issue. I would definitely recommend Auto Transport Solutions and I would use them again in the future."
Jonathan (9587-YE)
"I was afraid at first of having my vehicle transported from Michigan all the way to Texas. Communicating with the transporter was easy and when my vehicle arrived although dusty, it was in the same condition as when picked up. If I ever need to transport again I will use Auto Transport Solutions."
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